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Practicing Employment Law

The Law Offices of Johanna J. Raimond Ltd. is a Chicago, Illinois based law firm representing employees throughout the United States on employment issues. The vast majority of our time is dedicated to defending worker's rights. Many of our clients have come from the financial services and banking industries as well as from large corporations in the manufacturing and service sectors. Our philosophy is that most employment matters can and should be resolved through negotiated resignations, severance agreements or mediation. In the event a reasonable and fair settlement cannot be reached, we aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients in state and federal courts and in arbitration.

The Law Offices of Johanna J. Raimond Ltd. also provides employment law counseling to small businesses within Illinois. We cater to small businesses that are not large enough to have an internal human resources department. Our same philosophy applies to our business practice: most employment matters can and should be resolved short of litigation. We also believe in the swift and efficient resolution of any regulatory issues so that our business clients can focus their attention on their core business concerns.

Contact our Attorneys

Our attorneys are based in Chicago, Illinois but handle employment cases on behalf of employees throughout the United States. If you believe you may have a case and would like to speak to one of our attorneys please click here to describe your situation and call us at 312-235-6959.

If you are a small business within Illinois and would like to discuss representation, please give us a call at 312-235-6959.